15 Cheap Velvet Durags for 360 Waves

Investing in the proper durag will do wonders for your hair.  But with so many options available, how do you know which durag is right for you?  In this post, we review 15 of the best cheap velvet durags you should check out for your 360 waves.

Velvet vs Satin Durags

For years people have been wearing satin durags to protect their hair.  Velvet durags are a luxury take on the classic durag and are generally made for more of a luxury look than function.

Just because you are looking for a cheap velvet durags, should not mean that you are sacrificing quality.

Better Spirits Durags make it easier for you to get deep connecting 360 waves.

Our velvet durags are made using imported velvet and satin.  They also all feature extended strings that provide your hair with the ultimate compression.

Check out our 15 best selling velvet durags below!

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15. Beige Velvet Durag

14. Yellow Velvet Durag

13. Brown Velvet Durag

12. Burgundy Velvet Durag

11. Royal Blue Velvet Durag

10. Grey Velvet Durag

9. Turquoise Velvet Durag

8. Gold Velvet Durag

7. Purple Velvet Durag

6. Red Velvet Durag

5. Summer Pink Velvet Durag

4. Orange Velvet Durag

3. Green Velvet Durag

2. White Velvet Durag

1. Black Velvet Durag

Do Velvet Durags Stain?

Our durags are made from the finest imported velvet and satin.  They will not stain and will retain their luxurious with care.

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Don't sacrifice quality when you are looking for the best velvet durag for your hair.

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May 15, 2019 — Armani Goens