Four Silk Colored Durags Collections That Stand Out!

Better Spirits Durags offers different collections of silk colored durags.  Each durag is made using premium imported satin that makes it easy for you to get deep 360 waves.  Which colors below are your favorite!?
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1) Classic Silk Colored Durags

Better Spirits premium classic silk durags are our best selling collections.  Each silky durag is made with imported silky smooth satin that keeps your waves protected.  Extra long strings make for easy tying to the front or back and provide ultimate compression that keeps this durag without sliding.

2) Shiny Silk Colored Durags

Our shiny silk durags has an all over outer iridescent color scheme and a silky satin interior.  The bold color prints on this durag make it stand out.  For added shine this durag as a slight sparkle when placed in the light.

3) Iridescent & Holographic Silk Colored Durags

A staff favorite here at the Better Spirits HQ,  our iridescent and holographic silk durags are the perfect durag for holidays, beach, or wearing out.  They feature a satin interior and an all over color-changing exterior. These durags will sparkle and change color when hit with light!

4) Camo Silk Colored Durags

Camo silk durags are pretty popular and have been for some time now.  Explore our bold styles and patterns below!

Browse Our Silk Colored Durag Collections at Better Spirits!

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May 08, 2019 — Armani Goens

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