What Are Durags For?

Durags are a special polyester scarf that is intended to protect your hairstyle while you sleep.  Often called a silky,  the popularity of the durag rose when hair straightening was available to black Americans.  Due to the texture of black American's hair, it was hard to maintain the styles of the times, but the use of a durag allowed people to maintain and create new styles.  Since then the use of the durag has changed, but not by much.  It has become functional and fashionable.  However, this still leaves people asking what are durags for.  This post hopes to provide some insight.

What Are Durags For

The History of the Durag

Durags was used as a hairstyle preserver in the 1930s during the Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression.    As the Black Power Movement began in the 1960s the durag transitioned from only being a hairstyle preserver to fashion statement among black Americans.

Over time, particularly in the 2000s, misconceptions about the durag began and it lost ground in being publically worn.  However now, because of musicians and the rise of protective styling, durags have regained their status as being both functional and fashionable in the black community.

The Function of the Durag

The function of the durag is two-fold.
  1. it is a headpiece to protect and maintain hairstyles
  2. it is a fashion accessory

Durags are primarily linked to 360 waves but also used for people who have braids.

Waves are a hairstyle that requires frequent brushing with the goal of flatting curls to lay flat in a wave-like pattern.  In order to protect the wave pattern at night or from elements, durags are worn.

On the fashion aspect, durags are pairing accessory.  Similar to a hat that is worn to bring out an outfit, a durag is worn as a stylistic choice.

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February 02, 2019 — Armani Goens

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