Wave check

How To Make Your Wave Check Viral

Wave Check: How to Win Your Next Wave Check Wave Check!!!  For years, those two words have placed fear in unprepared men and women who have been wearing durags. These...
November 17, 2020 — Armani Goens
Why Do Black Men Wear Durags?

Why Do Black Men Wear Durags? It Gives Us Superpowers of Course!

More than just the wave
February 17, 2020 — Armani Goens
How Do Durags Make Waves

How Do Durags Make Waves? How Ultimate Compression Allows for Deeper Waves

An explanation for why you should wear a durag to bed.
February 19, 2019 — Armani Goens
What Are Durags For

So What Are Durags For Exactly? Here's The Truth

Fashion or Function
February 02, 2019 — Armani Goens