The Best Silky Durag

If you are trying to get 360 waves, then you are probably wondering what is the best silky durag to lay your hair down.  Ultimately you are looking to find a durag that has three main things:
  1. smooth satin construction
  2. long strings
  3. breathability

Below we provide an in-depth look at each one of our silky durag collections. But first, do you know how do durags make waves?


best silky durag


How Do Durags Make Waves?

It is a misconception that durags "make waves". Waves are actually curls.

 The process to get waves happens by constant brushing.  The goal of brushing your hair is so that it eventually begins to flatten out the curls.

When the curls are flattened, the begin to form the wave pattern that you see. What do durags do? 

Durags are used to hold your hair in place so that you do not mess up your wave pattern

It is typically used at night while you sleep or to protect your hair from a hat. Durags are made from a lot of different materials, but the most common is satin.

best silky durag

What is The Best Silky Durag?

All silkys are perfect to hold your head down.  However, you want to make sure to use one that is made from premium silky satin. Premium silky durags offer:
  • durable construction to stay on your head at night
  • long strings so that you can easily tie the durag to the front or back
  • breathable fabric
Below are five of our most popular silky durag collections, which one is your favorite?

1) The Classic Silky

These durags are what started it all. Made from silky smooth satin, these durags are perfect for sleeping in or for wearing out. The classic silky by Better Spirits features everything you want in a silky:
  • long strings
  • breathable fabric
  • durable enough to stay on your head all night

2) The Holographic Durag

The holographic durag is definitely one that stands out.  The outside of it is covered in holographic tones that will light up in different colors. The interior is smooth satin, and of course, has long strings.

3) The Iridescent Silk Durag

Similar to the holographic toned durags above, these iridescent durags change color when hit with light. Long strings and smooth satin interior.

4) The Shiny Silky Durag

Are you looking for colorful?  Well, these shiny durags are perfectly blended with different colors. Satin interior to keep your waves protected and long strings.

5)  Silky Metallic Durag

Wrapping up our most popular durags is our metallic collection. The inside is satin, the outside is shiny giving you a different look.

Shop at Better Spirits for the Best Silky Durag

With tons of unique styles, find premium durags are Better Spirits. Want to see the durags we did not list?  Click here to view all of our new products!
February 03, 2019 — Armani Goens

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