Green Silky Durag

If you are looking to create a deep 360 wave hairstyle, then you will need a quality durag that offers the ultimate compression for your hair.  Durags use to come in basic colors, either black or white.  With the trend back to people wanting 360 waves, we have seen an expansion in color in the durag.  In this post, we review our popular green silky durag.

How To Put a Silky Durag On?

Putting on a green silky durag is pretty easy.  However, you do want to make sure that:
  1. the durag is lined up in between your eye
  2. you have the inner lining on the outside
  3. you do not tie the durag too tight

Green Silky Durags by Better Spirits Durags

Better Spirits Durags utilize premium silky smooth satin interior lining to create durags that offer a more comfortable fit while providing your head with the perfect amount of pressure to help grow your 360 waves. Here are our most popular green silky durags:

Classic Green Silky Durag

Our classic silky durag in green features premium silky smooth satin.  Wearing this durag will help develop deeper 360 waves with training.

Emerald Green Sparkling Velvet Durag

Our sparking velvet durag collection adds embedded glitter within the durag itself.  When hit with light, this durag will glimmer and sparkle. Imported velvet makes this durag super comfortable to wear and the satin lining protects your 360 waves all day!

Lime Green Shiny Silky Durag

Our shiny silkys are one of the most popular durags that we offer.  Each one has an array of colors merging perfectly on the outside while having smooth satin on the inside.

Where to Get Silk Durags Near Me?

Silk durags can be found almost anywhere hair products are sold.  However, not all durags are made the same. If you want a durag that not only looks great but also provides breathability and premium fabric, shop at Better Spirits Durags.
February 26, 2019 — Armani Goens

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