5 Blue Velvet Durag for Your 360 Waves

The color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, and intelligence.  It is a popular calming color that goes great with the fashion of any season.  With those reasons, it's no shock why our blue velvet durag is one of our most popular velvet durags.

Better Spirits velvet durags make it easier for you to get 360 waves.  Each durag is made from imported materials.  The exterior is made from a high pile velvet and the interior is made from silky smooth satin.

Below are our most popular velvet durags in blue.  See a durag you like? We made it easy to add it to your cart from this page!

Royal Blue Velvet Durag

Classic velvet durag in royal blue.

Navy Blue Durag

A classic velvet durag in navy blue.

Summer Baby Blue Velvet Durag

These summer velvet durags are made using the same imported fabric, but are 50% thinner and lighter, making them perfect to wear for warmer weather.

Summer Royal Blue Durag

Another addition to the summer velvet durag collection but in royal blue.

Sparkling Blue Velvet Durag

Our sparkling series of durags each are made with an all over glitter design.  This durag will sparkle and change color in the light.

Better Velvet Durags at Better Spirits

If you are looking for a better durag, then shop at Better Spirits Durags.  If you liked any of the blue durags above you can easily add it to your cart from this page.

Each durag is crafted using imported velvet and satin.  The extended strings allow for the ultimate compression for your 360 waves making it easier to get deep great looking waves.

If you like the durags above and you want to see the rest of our durag styles, make sure to visit our homepage to see all of our newly added products!

If you missed out the last post, make sure to check out our breakdown on the red velvet durag.

May 13, 2019 — Armani Goens

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