The Red Velvet Durag

There are many reasons why people love our red velvet durag. Red is the color of fire and associated with energy, strength, power, passion, love, and desire.  This intense color looks amazing on various skin types and is the perfect compliment to many outfits.

Features of This Red Velvet Durag

Our velvet durags are made from imported velvet and feature a silky smooth satin interior. 

These durags are perfect to wear to protect your 360 waves, braids, and even edges. The extended strings provide the ultimate compression for holding hair tight.

Other Popular Red Durags

In addition to our red velvet durag, there are many other options of red durags to choose from.

Red Silky Durag

Our classic silky durags are made from an imported satin that perfectly protects your hair.  Classic durags are perfect for sleeping and wearing out.

Red Camo Durag

Camo durags are increasing in popularity.  This durag is made from our soft satin and features an all over camo print.

Red Shiny Silky Durag

Our shiny silkys are all feature iridescent and shiny finishes on the exterior.  The inside is made of satin.

Red Holographic Durag

A staff favorite here at the Better Spirits office.  Our holographic durags are the perfect durag to turn heads.  This durag sparkles and changes color when hit with light.

Red Iridescent Durag

Another staff favorite here at the Better Spirits HQ.  Our iridescent durags are very similar to the holographic toned durags above. 

This durag does not sparkle as much but changes color when hit with light.


Better Velvet Durags at Better Spirits

With our premium velvet and satin material, you find that our durags make it easier to get deeper 360 waves.

With multiple durag styles to choose from, which one is your favorite?
Click here to view our velvet durag collection and see our new durag styles!

May 10, 2019 — Armani Goens

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