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We are back again with another edition of exposing that fake designer durag.  Fresh from posting about the Champion durag and the Louis Vuitton Durag, today we are going to be speaking about the Fendi durag.

As with all of our posts, we are only giving information to inform.  A lot of people looking online are wondering if the designer durags that they see are real.  These articles are to help those find out.  If you are interested in purchasing a designer inspired durag like the Fendi durag, skip to the bottom where we rank the best ones we found on Amazon.

woman wearing fendi durag

The History of Fendi

Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house that produces many ready to wear clothing along with fur, leather goods, shoes, eyewear, and accessories.  The brand was founded in Rome in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi as a fur and leather shop.

Fendi has a history of staying family-owned, with the relatives of the founders having strong inputs in the direction of the brand.

fendi durag

Does a Real Fendi Durag Exist?

Much like other designer durags, no authentic Fendi durag exists.  The Fendi silk durags that you have seen are "designer inspired".

Telling the difference between an authentic designer durag and a fake one is simple.  There are two things you should look for:

  1. Who's selling it
  2. The Price

The websites that sell these durags should let you know that these durags are not real.  Authentic Fendi will be found on websites that sell other designers' brands.

The price is another clue.  Items at Fendi cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.  They are not going to make a fashion accessory for $20.

Where Can I Buy a Fendi Silk Durag?

We gave you the information, but you still want to step out in that Fendi silky.  That's cool, here are the best ones we found on Amazon for you.

Finding a Fendi Durag on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon has it's up and downs.  Prime shipping helps, but you want to make sure the seller is legit.

Here are some of the better sellers we found on Amazon, click the picture to learn more about the durag.

Yellow Fendi Durag

yellow fendi durag

Colorful Fendi Durag

colorful fendi durag

Black Fendi Durag

black fendi durag

7 Better Spirits Designer Durags That Are Selling Out Online

We can not blame you if you did not like the options that you saw above.  Take a look at our 7 top-selling durags.  Which one do you like?

7. Black Iridescent Silk Durag

6. Mustard Glitter Durag

5.  Sparkling Navy Blue Velvet Durag

4. Shiny Orange Metallic Durag

3. Candy Red Shiny Velvet Durag

2. Baby Blue Holographic Durag

1. Gold Glitter Durag

April 01, 2020 — Armani Goens

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