Our Fendi Durag Review

Our Fendi Durag Review

F for Fendi
April 01, 2020 — Armani Goens
champion durag

The Champion Durag: Exposed

The Champion Durag: Exposed Hey there wavers! We are back with another blog where we breakdown designer durags that we find online.  In previous articles, we have exposed the likes...
March 30, 2020 — Armani Goens
Off White Durag

The Hypebeast " Off White Durag "

" not a real off white durag "
March 25, 2020 — Armani Goens
Balenciaga durag

Balenciaga Durag Review: How to Style Designer Durags

I Like the Balanciags, the ones with the socks!
March 24, 2020 — Armani Goens
a review of the burberry durag

The Plaid Printed Burberry Durag...

Iconic, plaid print.  If it's $20 it's not real.
March 23, 2020 — Armani Goens
louis vuitton silky durag

Does Louis Vuitton Make Durags?

"What's Gucci my n****/What's Louis my killa?"
February 10, 2020 — Armani Goens
Does Gucci Make Durags?

No....that $9, $14, $25 Gucci Durag Is Not Authentic

Sorry not Sorry
September 24, 2019 — Armani Goens