Nickel Grey Silky Durag Our nickel grey silky durag is the perfect durag to wear this season.

Grey is often looked at as a dull and a bit depressing color.  However, grey has a soothing presence, especially when paired with blue or whites creates a relaxing environment.  Wearing grey can create a sophisticated clean look, unlike other colors.

Below we review our popular nickel grey silky durag.  Like what you see?  We made it easy to add to your cart and purchase from this page!  
  Our grey silky durag is made from imported satin.  This silky smooth satin is perfect to protect your waves at night or during the day while keeping you comfortable.

The extended strings provide you with the ultimate compression to keep your hair in place.

Nickel Grey Velvet Durag

Velvet durags have surged in popularity.  In fact, a velvet durag is a staple to have if you are serious about 360 waves.  These durags add a luxurious take making your durag both fashionable and functional.

Our grey velvet durag is made from imported velvet that is soft to the touch.  The interior features the same satin found in our silky durags making this also perfect to protect your waves!

Find the Your Next Durag at Better Spirits Durags

In order to maintain your 360 waves, you need to have a quality durag.

Better spirits durags are the first durag that makes it easier to get 360 waves.  Our imported fabric holds your hair in place while our extended strings provide the ultimate compression that you need for deep waves.  Better Spirits' premium durags ar the best durags for your waves.

If you want to see other options in addition to our nickel grey silky durag and velvet durag. Click here to visit our homepage to see our new products!
April 23, 2019 — Armani Goens

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