Off White Durag: Has It Been Made Before?

Designer durags, people love them.  Some of the world's most famous brands have done multiple collaborations with street fashion. But one of the articles of clothing that have not been touched have been the durag.  In recent articles, we discussed the Louis Vuitton Durag, the Gucci Durag, the Burberry durag, and the Balenciaga durag.  In this article, we will be discussing the off white durag.  But first, a little history of the popular brand.

The History of Off-White

As many people know Off-White was founded in 2012 by Virgil Abloh, American designer and close friend to Kanye West.  What most people do not know is that the original name of the brand was "PYREX VISION".  Facing criticism for printing "PYREX 23" on classic Ralph Lauren rugby flannels, Virgil rebranded the company to what is now known as Off-White.

The brand's clothing and accessories make use of quotations, zip ties, industrial buckles, and arrows as its stylistic design.  The label has grown since its founding in 2012 and now has 50 stores and is carried in some high-end retailers.

What the brand is most known for, however, is its collaborations, in particular, the ones with Nike and Ikea.

off white collaborations

Does Off-White Make Durags?

At this point in time, no off white does not make durags.  So any off white designer durags that you see on people's heads are not authentic.

Will they ever create a durag? Maybe so, we hope to be the ones that they collaborate with if they ever do.

Where to Buy an Off White Durag?

Okay so you read our review above and you still want to purchase an off white silky durag.  That's cool, here are the best places to find on Amazon (click on the picture to learn more!)

off white durag

7 Better Spirits Designer Durags You Should Be Wearing

7. Red Holographic Durag

6. Mustard Glitter Durag

5. Sparkling Navy Blue Velvet Durag

4. Shiny Orange Metallic Durag

3. Off-White Iridescent Silky Durag

2. Candy Red Shiny Velvet Durag

1. Gold Glitter Durag

March 25, 2020 — Armani Goens

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