The Purple Velvet Durag

It's no surprise why people love the color purple.  It represents nobility, royalty, luxury, and power.  When placed on an elegant fabric like velvet, it makes a power statement that fashion statement.

Below is our popular sparkling purple velvet durag. Although velvet durags are often worn more for fashion, than function.

This durag is made from premium imported velvet and has a silky smooth satin interior lining to protect your 360 waves.  It has an embedded sparkling glitter that will shine in the light.

  Better Spirits Durags make it easy for you to develop deep healthy waves.
  • premium fabric holds your hair in place
  • extra long and wide strings provide secure compression
  • breathable fabric

Below you will see the rest of our purple durag offerings. 

Just like the purple velvet durag above, we made it easy for you to add to your cart and purchase from here!

Better Spirits Durags' Purple Durag Collection

Below are our other popular purple durags. Like what you see? Add the durag to your cart and purchase from this page!

Purple Silk Durag

This is the classic silky durag in purple.  The purple silk durag is made from our premium silk smooth satin.  This durag is perfect for holding waves tight.

Light Purple Holographic Silk Durag

Our holographic durags are gaining in popularity this season. 

These durags have our classic satin interior that protects your 360 waves.  But the real head turner is the holographic tones on the exterior of this durag.

This durag will change color and sparkle under the light!

Purple Shiny Silky Durag

Our shiny durags provides extra shine and iridescent tone to this purple durag.

Find the Purple Velvet Durag at Better Spirit Durags

Better Spirits' purple velvet durag is perfect for fashion and function. 

Between the imported velvet and the satin inner lining, you will have the best velvet durag to hold your waves down tight.

Take a look at our homepage to view the rest of our velvet durags

March 26, 2019 — Armani Goens

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