7 Popular Blue Silk Durag Options at Better Spirits Durags

The blue silk durag by Better Spirits Durags' offer the best stylish protection for your 360 waves. What makes these durags superior to others?
  • premium fabric makes it easy to develop healthy waves
  • extra long strings for secure tying
  • unique patterns and styles
Below are our most popular blue durag styles.  Like what you see?  We made it easy to add it to your cart from this page!

7) Silky Royal Blue Durag

Our classic silky durag in blue.  This durag is perfect for sleeping in or wearing out.

6) Royal Blue Iridescent Durag

This blue silk durag features an all over outer iridescent design.  This durag will change colors when exposed to light.

5) Blue Camo Durag

Our classic silky durag in an all over camo print design.

4) Shiny Blue Metallic Durag

This blue silk durag features a shiny metallic exterior.

3) Baby Blue Durag

The classic durag in baby blue.

2) Shiny Baby Blue Durag

This shiny durag has a baby blue base with multicolor design.

1) Baby Blue Holographic Durag

Similar to the iridescent durag seen above, this blue silk durag features an all over holographic design.  This durag sparkles and changes color when the light hits it.

*Bonus* Navy Blue Silk Durag

In another classic design, this silk durag features comes in a navy blue.  Perfect for sleeping in or wearing out.

Free Shipping on All Blue Silk Durags at Better Spirits Durags!

Better Spirits Durags are the best durags to help you grow the perfect waves.

Each durag features a premium silk smooth satin interior that holds your hair in place while wearing it.  The extra long strings that allow easy tying to the front or back.

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March 19, 2019 — Armani Goens

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