3 Baby Blue Durag Styles

Colorful durags are all the rage this season.  We have seen the resurgence of the durag in bold colors such as green, purple, yellow, and pinks.  These bright colors are perfect for pairing with spring and summer outfits.  In this post, we highlight our most popular baby blue durag styles.  Each one offers a different unique take on the classic durag.

baby blue durag


What's Different about Durags by Better Spirits

The focus of the durag is two-fold:
  1. functional
  2. fashion

Durags are perfect for protecting your hair, particularly waves and braids, while you sleep or during the day.

On the fashion aspect of things, durags have been a stable part of streetwear since the 2000s. You will find premium durags at Better Spirits featuring:

  • silky smooth satin interior to keep your hair protected at night or during the day
  • extra long strings that make it perfect to tie the durag to the front or to the back
  • long tail or cape.
  • breathable fabric

1) Classic Baby Blue Silk Durag

Our classic silk durag collection takes it back to the basics.  This silky durag looks great as a fashion accessory or just to wear to bed.

2) Shiny Durag in Baby Blue

Our shiny durag puts a twist on the classic durag you see above. Shiny durags have a metallic finishing on the outside and satin interior. 

You will see that these durags have a range of complementing colors, with the color of the base being baby blue.

3) Baby Blue Holographic Durag

Holographic durags have a unique look when worn.

These durags have an embedded reflective design on the outside that produces a sparkling galaxy effect when light bounces on it. 

Definitely stands out as a one of a kind durag and the satin interior keeps your waves protected.

Find Unique Durags at Better Spirits

The baby blue durag styles above are perfect for spring and summer outfits. 

With our satin interior and unique designs on the outside, you can keep your waves protected all day and night.

Visit our homepage to see what's new durags we have this season!

February 07, 2019 — Armani Goens

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