Doorags or Durags?

360 waves are popular hairstyle for men with short hair.  Waves are actually curls that lay flat due to constant brushing and wearing of a durag.  Durags (pronounced doorags) are special pieces of fabric made from satin, velvet, and/or polyester. If you or someone you know is looking to develop deep waves, then you'll need to wear the proper durag.
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Classic Silky Doorags

The classic silky durag is the most common durag you will find.  Made from silky smooth imported satin.  This durag is perfect for wearing to bed or pairing with an outfit.  Check out all of the color options we have below!

Premium Velvet Doorags

Our velvet durags are made from imported velvet blend exterior and a satin interior.  Velvet durags are surging in popularity because of the look and feel of them. Shop our styles below!

Iridescent and Holographic Doorags

Our holographic and iridescent durags are quickly becoming our best sellers.  These durags all have a satin interior and a color changing exterior.

Holographic Durags

These durags have an exterior that sparkle while it changes color under the light.

Iridescent Durags

These shiny durags change color under the light without sparkling. Show all styles below!

Durags (Doorags) at Better Spirits

Finding the best durag for you is important if you really want to have deep waves.  Better Spirits Durags provide the best comfort while applying the ultimate compression for your 360 waves. They also feature:
  1. extra long strings for secure tying
  2. bold colors and prints
  3. soft imported fabric
Visit our homepage to shop all newly added durags!  With free shipping on every durag, treat your waves with respect with a Better Spirits Durag.
April 02, 2019 — Armani Goens

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