Where To Buy Silky Durags?

Are you wondering where to buy silky durags? 

Durags are used to hold your 360 waves in position.

The best silky durags provide breathability for your hair along, but also compression for your waves.

Better Spirits Durags are the best durags for your 360 waves.

What makes our silky durags superior to others?

  • premium fabric makes it easy to grow deep healthy waves
  • extra long and wide strings secure tying
  • bold colors and unique patterns
Below are our most popular silky durag collections.  Like what you see?  Add it to your cart and purchase from this page!

What Type of Silky Durag are you looking for?

One of the reasons why people generally search for where to buy silky durags near them is that there are limited options that are around them.

Most silky durags are put together with cheaply made fabric, but often a lot of places do not offer the colors that you are looking for.

Here are our 6 popular silky durag collections:

  1. classic silky durags
  2. holographic durags
  3. iridescent durags
  4. camo durags
  5. metallic durags
  6. shiny silky durags
Explore them below!

Classic Silk Durag

A staff favorite at the Better Spirits office, it features the classic durag you know and love, but features to make it easier for you to get the perfect 360 waves.
  • bold and bright colors
  • extra long and wide strings for secure tying
  • silky smooth satin for the ultimate compression.

Holographic Silk Durag

Our holographic silkys definitely turn heads.  They change color and sparkle in the light.

Iridescent Silky Durag

Similar to the holographic silk durags above, this changes color in the light.  It does not sparkle like the holographic silkys but still has a stunning color changing designs.

Camo Silky Durags

Camo silky durags are really popular right now.

Metallic Silky Durags

These metallic silky durags provides the same shine as the holographic and iridescent silky durags, without the color changing tones.

Shiny Silky Durags

These shiny silkys provides iridescent tones throughout the fabric in a shiny finishing.

Find The Best Silky Durags for 360 Waves at Better Spirits Durags

Still wondering where to buy silky durags?

Better Spirits Durags help you grow the perfect 360 waves.

Each durag has premium silk smooth satin interior lining.  The extra long and wide strings that allow easy tying to the front or back.

Visit our homepage to shop all of our durag styles!

April 04, 2019 — Armani Goens

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