Premium Durags for Men with 360 waves

A quality durag is essential for building and maintaining your 360 waves.  The best durags offer ultimate compression to hold your hair in place, extra long strings so to make it easy to tie the durag to the front or to the back, and silky smooth satin lining for your waves.  In this post, we review our 15 most popular durags for men.

Let us know which one is your favorite!  We broke down our popular durags for men by collection

Holographic Durags for Men

Our holographic durags are definitely a unique look at the classic durag.  It features a silky smooth interior lining and a holographic design on the exterior that changes color while it is reflecting light.

15. Baby Blue Holographic Durag

14. Black Galaxy Holographic Durag

13. Bright White Holographic Durag

Metallic Durags for Men

Our shiny metallic durags offer the ultimate compression for your 360 waves.  It has a satin interior and a shiny metallic finish on the outside of the durag.

12. Shiny Watercolor Metallic Durag

11.  Shiny Gold Metallic Durag

10. Shiny Orange Metallic Durag

Classic Premium Silky Durags for Men

Our classic silky durag is great for sleeping and protecting your waves.  Made from premium silky smooth satin, and comes in a large assortment of colors.

9. Yellow Premium Silky Durag

Sparkling Velvet Durags for Men

We added a twist on the newly popular velvet durag.  This one features an embedded glitter design within the durag.

8. Sparkling Purple Velvet Durag

7. Burgundy Sparkling Velvet Durag

Shiny Silky Durags for Men

Our shiny silky offer a multicolored shiny exterior along with a silky smooth interior.

6. Baby Blue Shiny Silky Durag

5. Light Purple Shiny Silky Durag

Leopard Print Velvet Durag for Men

Inspired by rosette leopard pattern, the durags in this collection are made from soft velvet.

4. Pink Rosette Leopard Print Velvet Silky Durag

Camo Silky Durags for Men

A collection of classic camo print durags.

3.  Pink Camo Silky Durag

Iridescent Silk Durags for Men

Similar to our holographic collection, the iridescent durags change color in the light.

2. Black Iridescent Silk Durag

1. White Iridescent Silky Durag

*Bonus* Off-White Iridescent Silky Durag

How Do I Find the Best Silky Durag?

When looking for the best silky durag for your 360 waves you want to make sure it does 3 things:
  1. have long strings so that you can tie the durag to the front or the back
  2. constructed with a smooth satin interior to make sure that offers compression for your waves
  3. have a breathable fabric for your scalp

Shop Our Entire Mens Silk Durag Collection

At Better Spirits Durags, we have a large selection of silky and velvet durags for men, women, and kids. 

Each durag is handmade using materials that protect and offer the ultimate compression for your 360 waves.

If you are looking to find the best silky durag or a fashion durag for waves, shop our entire collection of durags at Better Spirits

March 05, 2019 — Armani Goens

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