Wave Check: How to Win Your Next Wave Check

Wave Check!!!  For years, those two words have placed fear in unprepared men and women who have been wearing durags. These viral videos have been sweeping across the United States from High Schools to HBCU’s.  

We have even seen videos of those in corporate America joining in.  It’s a positive challenge that brings people together and highlights hard brush work.

We here at Better Spirits studios love the wave check challenge and have seen so many videos and wave check memes that we have found some tips that will help you win the next one you’re in!

In this post we give you an overall guide on how to succeed at a wave check.

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What Is a Wave Check?

The wave check challenge is a social media challenge that where the goal is for someone to reveal what their hair looks like under the durag.

The purpose of this challenge is to check the wave pattern of the person being called out. If you do have a nice wave pattern, you will be donned as “wavy” or “drippy”.  

Generally people are looking to see a 360, 540, or 720 wave pattern.


How did the wave check start?

It’s unclear on what was the original video that made this challenge go viral.  But we do know that wave checks have been around in high schools for years!

It’s safe to say that wave checks were started by everyone that is active in the wave community.

How to Do a Wave Check?

There are a few steps to follow if you want to have a successful wave check.  These steps are great for the person with waves and the ones without.

Step 1: The Build Up

During this step, you are probably just got challenged to show off those waves.  Proper wave check etiquette is to build up the moment.
  • “Who me? You’re trying to see my waves?”
  • “I have the best waves in this group!”
You use this moment to build up the moment and lead into the next step, the anticipation.

Step 2: The Anticipation

You have the attention of the crowd.  At this point you should build up the anticipation to the reveal.

”You ain’t really trying to see these waves!”

You can even start to untie your durag but do not fully remove it.

Use this step to draw in the crowds attention.

Step 3: The Reveal

Finally, the reveal.  You started the build up.  You stirred up the anticipation.

 It is now time for the reveal. The key here is to stay slow and steady.  

Make the crowd beg for the reveal of your waves (or non waves).

Can White People Do Wave Checks?

This is one of the most controversial questions people ask.  The white boy wave check.  We have seen it in videos before.  

Generally speaking waves are formed from small curls usually found in black peoples hair.  

So when this is done, it is usually for laughs. But we’ll leave that question up to you.  What do you think about white people wearing durags?

Leave your input in the comment section below!

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November 17, 2020 — Armani Goens

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