Why Do Black Men Wear Durags?

Why do black men wear durags?  Being the seller or premium unique durags that is a common question we receive at the Better Spirits' headquarters.

The answer to why do black men wear durags is not a simple one, and you will receive a different answer depending on who you ask.  For some, wearing a durag protects their hair, in particular, their  360 waves, others will say it is to remind society of the struggles of their ancestors.

In this article, we dive into the top 5 reasons why black men wear durags, but first, we should provide history on this controversial piece of fabric.


Durag History Lesson

Ok, we are going to give you a quick lesson in durag history.  The durag dates back to the early 19th century where it was used as headwear to label slaves.  However, despite these negative beginnings, the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s changed how black people viewed durags.  Durags began to be recognized for the benefits it had for black men's hair as a preserver.

The Black Power Movement (the 1960s) saw black men wearing durags as a fashion statement.  Since then durags have had a dual purpose in the home of the black male: fashion and function.

Today you see durags making their way into pop culture, being worn by athletes, musical artists, YouTubers, and personalities.  (It even has been worn by people in other races, but we will talk about that in another post)


The popularity of the durag has not been higher than at the current moment, and its no reason why people are rushing to purchases unique styles like those found at BetterSpiritsDurags.com

5 Reasons Why Black Men Wear Durags

Ok, so you're all caught up on the history of the durag.  Traditionally black men wore durags for fashion and function, but what about today?

As we mentioned earlier in this post, there are a lot of different reasons why black men wear durags.  Here are the most common reasons:

5) Durags Protect Black Men's Hair From Mother Nature

Probably the most overlooked reason why black men wear durags is the protection of the natural elements.

As you know rain and snow can ruin your hair as if let on long enough can even get some people sick.  Wearing a durag puts a barrier between the elements and your body.

In addition to keeping your head dry in moist weather, a durag also keeps your head warm in cooler weather, especially velvet durags.

4)Durags Help in Developing 360 Waves (760 Waves)

360 waves are the desired hairstyle for black men with shorter haircuts.  Waves are hair that is rolled in a tight curl but creates the effect of waves in an ocean.


To achieve a 360 wave pattern constant brushing is key, but improper protection of your hair can ruin your progress.

Durags help to keep hair in place so it does not become messed up while sleeping or while wearing hats.

3) Durags Assist in Keeping Braids Maintained

Who would have thought that braids would have made a comeback as it did?  Currently, the amount of black men wearing braids is more popular than ever.

Similar to men with shorter hair, black men with braids wear durags to keep the braid intact.  Braids become messed up while sleeping, wearing a durag prevents that.

2) Durags Are the Best Street Wear Fashion Accessory

When it comes to streetwear accessory styling, nothing pulls an outfit together like a durag.  There's something about wearing the classic silky durag in the summer/spring or the velvet durag in the fall/winter.

Skip the hat and put on a durag for your next event, you'll see what we are talking about.

1)Durags Give Black Men Super Powers!

Do you know the part of the durag that hangs in the back?  That is called the cape.  Some people choose to tuck in the durag cape; while others choose to let their durag cape fly.

Regardless of how you wear it, a cape is a cape!

Why do black men wear durags? It levels up our cool factor superpowers!


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why do black men wear durags

February 17, 2020 — Armani Goens

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