The Camo Silky Durag Collection

Silky durags come in a variety of different colors and styles.  However, it was not always like that.  The main two colors of durags you use to see where black and white.  Now with the resurgence of the durag, you are seeing bright colors and bold patterns take shape.  Below you can see our most popular camo silky durag collections.

Which camo durag color would you wear?

How to Get Waves with a Durag?

It is a misconception that durags make waves.  In order to develop deep 360 waves, you need to train your hair by brushing.

Durags are used to lay your hair down and hold it in place.  You generally want to make sure that you always go to sleep with your durag on.  They are crucial for making sure that the fabric from your sheets does not mess up your hair.

Durags, like the camo silky durag above, have a silky smooth satin lining that protects your hair while you are wave training.

What to Use if You Don't Have a Durag?

Let's say that you can not find your camo silky durag, then there are a couple of different things that you can use:
  1. a stocking cap
  2. scarf
  3. a knit hat
While these three should not be the first things that you should grab to protect your hair if you are in a pinch and do not have a durag available you can try using one of those.

Where to Buy Silky Durags?

Better Spirits Durags offers premium silky durags for 360 waves. You will find camo silky durag options like that above and other quality pieces.  Each durag is carefully crafted with:
  • extra long strings
  • extended capes
  • and a silky smooth satin interior
Make sure to visit our homepage to see our most popular silky durag styles.
February 28, 2019 — Armani Goens

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