Does Gucci Make Durags?

Gucci is a world-renowned Italian luxury brand founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci.  The main product offerings of the fashion house is their fashion and premium leather goods.  Gucci is known for pushing the envelope for high-end fashion but recently have begun designing streetwear.  However, that Gucci durag that you are looking at, is likely not real.  We get tons of DM's via our Instagram from our followers asking does Gucci make durags.  In this post, we dive into the world of fake designer durags.


Designer Durags...

Looking online or even on a friend's head you have probably seen a "designer durag".  We are sorry to break it to you but that Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, or Off-White durag are not real.

Often displayed as "custom" or "inspired" these durags are usually covered in the print of the fashion house but the give away is the quality and of course the price.

These brands create products for hundreds and thousands of dollars so that Gucci durag you see on Amazon or on another site are not authentic.

Why Buy a Fake Designer Durag?

Why we can not get into the mind of everyone who is in the market for buying a Gucci durag.  We have found out the reason why people purchase these fake designer durags:
  • An affordable way to wear a high-end brand
  • Hoping that people do not realize
  • Just in love with the fashion house's design style

Where to Buy a Gucci Durag?

The best places we have seen to buy a Gucci durag are on Amazon.

 If you want to wear a Gucci printed durag then you can find a lot of options with different styles for an affordable price.

Here are the best ones we have seen on Amazon.  Click on the images to see more.

5. OG Gucci Inspired

4.  Gucci Colored Ties

3. Reversible OG Gucci

2. White and Red Durag

1. Black and Blue Durag

Premium Durags at Better Spirits Durags

Better Spirits Durags is a streetwear brand that makes high-quality durags.  Using imported satin and velvet these durags make getting better 360 waves easier. Take a look at our newly added durags!
September 24, 2019 — Armani Goens

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