Louis Vuitton Silky Durag Review

Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house that is famous for luxury trunks, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, clothing, and many other accessories.  Their classic LV monogram appears on most of their products with many people opting to purchase their logo-heavy styles to showcase their purchase.  To branch out their dominance into streetwear, Louis Vuitton has had collaborations with numerous people and brands, including (but not limited to) Supreme and Kanye West.  They generally release highly sought after clothing, sneaker, and accessory drops.  But with all their collabs one thing they have not made is a Louis Vuitton silky durag.  

louis vuitton silky durag

In this series of designer durags exposed, we cover the Louis Vuitton silky durag and provide you with our pick of the best 13 LV durags on Amazon.

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Does Louis Vuitton Make Durags?

Is the Louis Vuitton durag real?  At the time of this being written, no.

Although the french fashion house has collaborated with a number of different brands and people, they have yet to release an authentic Louis Vuitton durag.  All the LV silky durags you see are inspired by the brand but are not real Louis Vuitton.

louis vuitton silky durag

With that being said, we are optimistic to see what a collab with Louis Vuitton will look like.  Comment down below with what you would like to see in LV durag collaboration.

How Much is a Louis Vuitton Durag?

When looking to buy an item from Louis Vuitton, you should be prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.  In fact, some of their most limited edition purses and bags can fetch for $55,000

Knowing those price points, when you see a Louis Vuitton silky durag online for $25 that is a strong indicator that it is not real.

Top 13 Louis Vuitton Silky Durag Styles Online

Ok so we answered all the common questions people had about the LV durag, and you still want to purchase one?   We got you covered!

We decided to take a look online and find the best Louis Vuitton silky durags on Amazon.  Out of all of the designer durags we found, these are the best durags for your waves or braids.  


louis vuitton silky durag

Simply click on the link or the picture to learn more!

13. Black Multicolor Louis Vuitton Durag

12. Black and White Louis Vuitton Durag

11. Navy Blue Louis Vuitton Durag

10. Brown Louis Vuitton Durag

9. Baby Blue Louis Vuitton Durag

8. White and Black Louis Vuitton Durag

7. Black and Red Louis Vuitton Durag

6. Red Supreme Louis Vuitton Durag

louis vuitton silky durag

5. Two-Tone Multicolor Louis Vuitton Durag

4. Forrest Green LV Durag

louis vuitton silky durag

3. Two-Toned Louis Vuitton Durag

2.  2pc Blue Supreme Louis Vuitton Durag

1. Yellow Louis Vuitton Durag

Is Any Designer Durags I See Online Real?

There are two ways you can use to see if the designer durag you want to purchase is real.
  1. price
  2. vendor

Staying on Louis Vuitton durags for this explanation.  We covered the average retail prices for Louis Vuttion, so why would you be purchasing a durag for $25?  That is a clear indication that the durag is fake.

Second the vendor, Louis Vuitton is not sold just anywhere.  When Louis Vuitton is selling its products on other websites, those websites are also selling other designer apparel at the expensive price points you should expect.  So that being said, if you see an LV durag on sale on Amazon or on a random website that should be a red flag that it is not legit.

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February 10, 2020 — Armani Goens

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